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Lash Dash is an innovative eyelash brand that provides a solution for both women and men by offering a variety of products ranging from vegan, ecological, and cruelty-free mink. We believe that the different options provide our clients with something that appeals to each unique individual, allowing them to express their inner goddess.


Vegan lash line

We are proud to introduce a new line of lashes that are 100% vegan, they are completely animal-free, no fur babies are harmed for your false eyelashes.


Vegan Lashes

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About us

Lash Dash story

To every problem there is a solution, and one of my solutions is this: Lash Dash.

Rewind to 2018 when I freshly moved to Vancouver, where I quickly learned that how I represented myself became the ultimate business card, and I began to notice how much someone’s eyes can be the window to their souls.

Take a beautiful woman, she’ll make an impression with her outfit, nails, and hair, but where the confidence can be seen is in the eyes.

Long lasting wearable eyelashes!

Our adhesive & applicator duo is all you need to assist you in a flawless application. Our handcrafted lashes can be worn up to 25 times if cared for properly & gently.

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Ecological lashes

Lash Dash Ecological Vegan Faux eyelashes are made out of PBT fibres which are vegan.


Lash Dash Cruelty Free Mink eyelashes are made of Serbian mink with naturally fall fur, no animals are harmed in the making.


Lash Dash mink eyelashes are made from 100% mink. Lash Dash Mink lashes are hand-made following a strict making process.


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