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About Lash Dash

Lash Dash is an eyelash brand that wants to help women and men by offering a long lasting product that is also vegan and cruelty free.

The story of Lash Dash

To every problem there is a solution, and one of my solutions is this: Lash Dash.

Rewind to 2018 when I freshly moved to Vancouver, where I quickly learned that how I represented myself became the ultimate business card, and I began to notice how much someone’s eyes can be the window to their souls.

Take a beautiful woman, she’ll make an impression with her outfit, nails, and hair, but where the confidence can be seen is in the eyes.

These women, the ones with their ignited passion embodied in something as subtle as a glance, these are the women I wanted to attract, so I not only became her, but I created a company that can help other women become her as well.

With a line that honours the ultimate woman, Mother Earth, Lash Dash offers cruelty free mink lashes, and vegan lines, that are not only stunning but also ecologically friendly to leave a lasting impression that will change the world, one look at time.

Our Product


Eyelashes For Every Eye

We offer a selection of handcrafted lashes that vary in length, size and drama. There is something for everyone.



We offer a hypoallergenic adhesive that is gentle on the eyes and dries clear.


What our clients say

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