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Clean your lashes

To ensure longevity to your eyelashes you will need to clean them after every use. 

In this page we will explain you how to do it.

Eyelashes Cleaning Process

Remove leftover glue from lash band using Lash Dash tweezers or clean fingers.

Blot lashes on a paper towel to remove excess water.

After the adhesive is removed, brush lashes with a spoolie. If there is still eye makeup buildup you can submerge your lash band into warm water and massage it for 10-12 seconds.

For best results, place lashes in original container and leave open allowing them to air dry.

If cared for properly one pair of lashes can easily be worn up to 30x

Tips to keep your lashes healthy

Avoid adding mascara to your false eyelashes.

If using mascara be sure to apply a thin layer to your real lashes before application to ensure all lashes blend together naturally.

Do not wear eyelashes longer than 24 hours.

Do not sleep wearing your eyelashes.

Avoid any oil or oil-based products on the lash band.

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