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Apply your lashes!

You will just need your Lash Dash eyelash adhesive and eyelash applicator.

Don't have one?

Eyelashes Application

First off when applying your lashes gently remove from the lash tray using Lash Dash applicator.


This ensures there is no germs transferred from your fingers to the eyelash band that is then applied to your eyelid.

Next grab our Lash Dash applicator and apply a thin layer of Lash Dash Adhesive to the band.


Allow the glue to dry for minimum 30 seconds until tacky.

Next measure the lash against your eyelid to see its length and make sure they fit your eye lid and eye shape properly.


If they are too long, trim the outer edge to your desired length.

Lastly Make sure to look downward and apply the lash to the desired part of your eye.


Some prefer the entire lash, some prefer the outer corners, it is a personal preference.

Eyelashes Removal

Firstly, wash your hands to make sure you are not transfering germs from your fingers to your eye.

Then grab your Lash Dash Applicator and gently remove your eyelashes by peeling from the outer corners toward the inner corner. 

Clean your lashes after every use!

To ensure the longevity of your eyelashes you should clean them after every use.

Find out how to do it by clicking the button below.

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